CottonWood Canyon Ranch

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Boarding Agreement 


                                                            CottonWood Canyon Ranch






1.     I, ___________________________(hereinafter referred to as the “Boarder”) the undersigned, have read and understand, and freely and voluntarily enter into this Horse Boarding Agreement with Cotton Wood Canyon Ranch (hereinafter refereed to as CWCR). Date:_______________________


2.     I have personally inspected CWCR and have found such to be maintained and operated in a manner suitable for the boarding of my horse(s).  If the Boarder finds any broken or unserviceable parts in his/her horse’s corral, the Boarder will notify CWCR and the repair will be made as soon as reasonable or practicable.


3.     CWCR will provide a corral, fresh water and hay, with reasonable care and cleanliness as may be required to maintain the health and well being of the horse(s).  There will be no modifications to the corral or the stables by the Boarder, and additional water buckets are strongly discouraged.


4.     In consideration of the above, I agree to pay the monthly charge of $__________ in advance, on the 1st day of each month.  If payment is not made by the 10th day of the month, a $40.00 fee will be assessed.  There will be no reduction of fees for temporarily vacated corrals.  Monthly board is subject to change and can be changed by the CWCR management by providing the Boarder with a sixty (60) day notice.  Partial board is based on the current monthly board rate, divided by a 30-day calendar month, rounded to the nearest dollar. There is no refund for horses removed from CWCR before the last day of the month.


5.     The Boarder understands that in the event any financial institution for non-sufficient funds returns their check, CWCR will impose a $40.00 fee for that check.  The Boarder is then required to pay all monies owed to CWCR in cash from that date forward.


6.     In the event that the Boarder becomes more than one-month delinquent on their board bill, the Boarders horse becomes the sole property of CWCR.  The Boarders signature below will constitute a Bill of Sale.


7.     The Boarder assumes all risks of loss by sickness of, or injury to the boarded horse(s), agrees to hold CWCR harmless there from, and understands that the Boarder is responsible for all veterinary and/or farrier services.


8.     The Boarder authorizes CWCR or its designee to call a veterinarian or farrier to treat the horse in the event of an emergency as deemed so by CWCR in the event the Boarder cannot be contacted by reasonable means.  It is the Boarders responsibility to ensure that CWCR has current phone numbers and information for the Boarder.


9.     The Boarder agrees not to conduct any business venture, such as training or lessons on CWCR’s property.  The buying and/or selling of horses would be the only exception to this as long as excessive transactions do not occur.  CWCR’s management will determine excessive transactions.


10.  The Boarder will not bring in to CWRC outside trainers or coaches to conduct riding lessons or training of the rider or animal whatsoever.


11.  Tack rooms are available on a limited basis and there is a possibility that the Boarder will share with another Boarder.  It is the Boarders responsibility to inspect the tack room provided, prior to occupying the tack room.  CWCR management is not responsible for any theft or damage from the tack room or stable property.


12.  By signing this agreement, the Boarder agrees to all of the terms and conditions listed above.  ____________


13.  It is understood that any violations of the CWCR “Ranch Rules” can lead to the immediate termination of this “Horse Boarding Agreement” and I will be required to remove my horse(s) immediately and pay all fees due per this Agreement.

 Print Full Name:_________________________________________________________


 Boarder’s Signature:  ____________________________________________________


Telephone Number:  Cell:  ________________________Home:  ___________________


Billing Address:  _________________________________________________________


Horses Name(s) ________________________________Breed (s)  __________________


Veterinarian Name:_____________________________ Phone:_____________________


Master Card or Visa Number # ________________________ Expiration Date_________ CVS#_____



48948 Canyon House Rd. Morongo Valley, Calif. 92256          760-363-7475