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Spirit and Jasmine  Rescued on May 9th 2011

When I first got these two girls my first instinct was to name them Thelma and Louise but, getting to know them, that soon changed to Spirit and Jasmine. You know how names just pop out at you.  Well, these did Spirit is for all she endure before I found her and Jasmine is for her up beat attitude. It fits them both just fine.

A reminder that all your donations goes to these two fillies just go to the Donations tab. Scroll down to see there progress… You Can help at any amount. It all goes to our rescue horses. God Bless 

There 1st Day 

There 2nd  Day

Spirit and Jasmine 

There first Week

There first Week 

Well it been about 3 months since I have had the girls 

Jasmine on the top pic and Spirit on the bottom pic 

The Girls 

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