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CottonWood Canyon Ranch

Private Trail Rides, Movie Shoots,Video Shoots, Phots Shoots
New!! Dry Camping 
 Appointments Only Must Book in Advance.
  Give us a call at 760-447-1014 

Guided Trail Rides and your ability  

If your thinking of going horseback riding with us. What to expect when you come up and ride with us on a Guided Trail Ride. First and foremost your safety comes first. All our rides are private and geared to your ability. We do not do group rides with people you don't know. If its just one person or 10 you will be riding with my wranglers that are very experienced. We will take you on a ride that's is fit for you.

We cater our rides for each individual party.

If your all experience horseback riders and want to trot canter or gallop as long as everyone in your party is at the same level we have no problem with that but, if you have one that hasn't ridden or is a beginner then we have to respect that person safety and ride at their level. 

All of our horses here are not your normal stable horse. They are my privately owned horses ages range from 2-35. They have been trained for search and rescue. My husband and I have been volunteer's for the Morongo Basin search and rescue for over 18 years, My husband was the commander for 5 years and for the last 8 years has been the search and rescue director for all of San Bernardino County 22 teams. 

I have 14 horses. In most cases the reason for most stables to just walk is because of the hourly rate and you are timed by the time you get on the horse to the time you are back at the stables.

I want to make this clear to all my clients if you want to come up and have a ride where we trot gallop then the time is no longer valid,  we base our trail rides on how long of a ride it will take to point "A" to point "B" At a walk because most of our riders just want to walk.  

However to trot, canter or gallop some of that trial, time becomes invalid because our horses can run this canyon in half the time.....

We will put you in the arena or round pen at first to evaluate your level of experience. If we feel you can make that challenge  then were off and running. You must sign a wavier stating the level of rider you are and a release of liability form from any of my employees or my borders employees on CWCR.  

There is NO running back to the barn. All horses will walk back to the barn no exception!! this is for your safety.  We have boarder's here and there family and pets (dogs) If you do run back to the barn we take no responsibility in your safety... Horses are dangerous and should be treated as such.  

CWCR, has the right, If we feel you can't ride our HORSES, or trails and you told us you know how to ride and don't we will keep all monies for our horses and give you lessons in our arena... Savety 



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